I Love Burn Notice.

I honestly have not been this obsessed with a television show since "Boy Meets World" (Ben Savage for me, thanks).  I could not help but see the similarities between "Burn Notice" and "Miami Vice".  Even Michael Westen and Sam Axe are beginning to sport the same ice-cream colored three piece suits Crockett and Tubbs were draped in way back in the '80's. 

 Burn Notice is a cross between the hour long crime-fighting of Miami Vice and James Bond.  Jeffrey Donovan slips into the key role of  burned American spy Michael Westen as effortlessly as Don Johnson morphed into Detective James Crockett.  Both contain the same charm and suave good looks, even the same mesmerizing blue eyes.

The chemistry between Fiona and Michael keeps me tuned in week after week.  This show is my soap opera!

awwsumkitteh awwsumkitteh
26-30, F
Feb 17, 2010