I wish there were as many tank-butch fans around here..

It's all about the ties, really.

but seriously... where are all the butch-loving femmes?

where are you all? ....are you in California....? ...heh heh

havick havick
18-21, F
8 Responses Jun 6, 2008

This is nice to hear-- As a butch girl, I feel like most lesbians are into the femmes. I am married, and of course my wife loves all of me, but it is sometimes depressing to feel like I'm not in the attractive majority of dykes. Thank you!

New York femme who loves butches. Waiting for prince(ss) charming.<br />
<br />
Rumor has it that there aren't any "real" butches in Cali. Most of my butch friends (internet buddies from the midwest) says Cali is home of the Androgenous/Shane type glam studs.<br />
<br />
I never dated one of those but of course they are attractive. I always love a butchie, butch as well!

i'm femme and i LOVE butches.<br />
and i do live in California. (;

And I'm in England where there aren't enough butch women if you ask me :)

I'm here in Indiana! =)

great to know ladies, great to know

Well, I think most of us are here in cali.

I'm in least now you know we're not all in *sigh* I'm a femme who loves butch women.