I Need Some Help From Girls Who Like Butch Women!

I'm desperately searching for an opinion from some women who love butch ladies. I have a wedding next month and am having a hard time trying to figure out what to wear. I think I've found a suit for the ceremony, and am going to go jacket-less for the reception, but really need an opinion, and my better half refuses to have anything to do with it!

Unfortunately, most of my family doesn't understand the butch-dynamic, and most of my friends see me as far too strictly a friend to have any significant opinion to contribute.

If you're willing to check out some pictures (I swear, they aren't dirty!) please let me know! I'm dying for some help!!!
ESmithMD ESmithMD
2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Just wear somthing soft they have to know and respect who ur ;)

My wife wore a nice, linen suit to our friends wedding last year. It was simple, linen flat front dress pants, a short sleeve shirt and a linen jacket. She took the jacket off at the reception. I love Butch women in suits. I have seen a few in a short sleeve shirt and a nice vest. That seems to be the trend lately. I don't see any way a Butch can go wrong in a suit.