I Love Butches & I Love Fems ~ The Best Of All Are The Ones In The Middle.

I happen to see myself in the middle of having traits of both.....
Which must be why I appreciate each person for who they are.
Depending on whom I'm with tends to bring out different aspects of my personality.
Right now my SO is my 1st in the middle of both sides & we compliment each other totally.
It works very well considering we are twin souls.
They say you'll find each other in the right life time when your both spiritually ready.
We are now interdependent but really are just one soul that had been split into two.
No matter the distance in miles between us, we are connected knowing each others feelings & experiences,
But we feel an anguish when we're apart. Right now she's on the other side of the Atlantic going through very tough times.
My heart cries tears for her and it hurts not being there to support her in person.
In 2 days I get to speak with her again and I'm so excited it makes me happy.
Please say prayers for her.  All you need is to have the intentions of sending healing thoughts
For her emotional and physical health.  We appreciate all prayers very much.
Sincerely, WM

WarriorMom WarriorMom
51-55, F
2 Responses Oct 23, 2011

I'd be happy to say a prayer for you and your "special" friend!! I'm glad you'll be able to comfort her with the sound of your voice in a few days!! I, am like you, a girl, somewhere in the middle of it all ;)

prayer said.