I Love The "handsome" Woman

I am a tomboy/andro type. Although contrary to the "norm" if there is even such a thing. I love the same as I am.
I have dated femme's, and the dynamic with them is cool, it actually enhances the masculine side of me, which I really enjoyed, but what I really love is a strong fit butch/or tomboy.  Makes my heart skip a beat.
ASong4Kassidy ASong4Kassidy
46-50, F
2 Responses May 14, 2012

Thanks!. Yeah thats me, if there's a norm to be broken.. I'll do it.

I always find it very interesting to find someone who is attracted to the same sex with the same gender role. Since we do live in a female-male gender world normally this idea carries over into the LGBT community. Femmes get with tomboys or butch women and vice versa. I always love meeting people who break the "norm" in every sense of the word both sexually and through gender.