Stud Love

I've always been attracted ever since I could remember. The fact a woman can look and feel so strong but still so feminine... gives me chills :-)
LauraEmily LauraEmily
22-25, F
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Niceeeee ;-)

Laura, your privacy settings are blocking anyone from contacting you. The settings are in your account settings. Tried to write on your whiteboard, add you as friend and send a mail and got blocked.

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LOL, my gf is a model and can kick the balls off a bull.

Sooo I unblocked some settings but it won't lemme in on ur page

For me ..... I am attracted to very girly lipstick lesbians like myself. I just cant see myself with the "Stud type" or the "butch type" girl. Sorry if I sound so plastic and superficial because of my love for a hottie looking girl like yourself but I guess to each their own as thats what makes the world go round. Wow ...... I am very clishayish tonight. (excuse the spelling please) xx oo lick lick