The Butch of My Dreams

I wrote this over a decade ago but much of it still holds true.

The butch of my dreams.... - is a hopeless romantic at heart - actively pursues me - knows how to say my name in a way that sends shivers down my spine - leads when we dance - lets me fall asleep in her arms - is proud to be with me and it shows - puts her jacket around my shoulders when the night air gets cold - is really good at flirting with me and only me - sends me flowers for no special reason - makes my eyes light up when she walks across the room toward me - knows how to make love to me in the most gentle, tender way but also knows how to ravish me, take me, and possess me - tells me I look pretty when I most need to hear it - is not afraid to put her arm around me or hold my hand in public - is fiercely protective and will use every ounce of her strength to protect me should the need arise - treats me with the respect a lady deserves - realizes that love takes time - is attentive to my needs - knows how to work out differences in a nonconfrontational manner - hungers for my caresses, kisses, and nurturing love - is not afraid to show me her softer side - is my rock in hard times - likes my playful, silly side and knows how to have fun with me - is not afraid to admit that she is wrong or say I'm sorry - holds me close when I cry or when I am hurting - finds sexual pleasure in watching how I respond to her touch and in how incredibly wet she makes me - appreciates my softness and knows how to lose herself in my touch - loves to watch me get ready in the morning - knows how to drive me crazy with many different types of kisses - the ones where our lips barely touch, the ones where she slowly runs her tongue across my bottom lip, the ones that are fierce and possessive and take my breath away - makes me feel sexy with the way she talks to me, the way she gazes across the table at me, and the way she pauses to take me in with her eyes before making love to me - takes care of me in ways that I don't even know I need taking care of - looks amazingly hot in a nice pair of boxer shorts - is confident but not arrogant - loves it when I grab on to her belt loops and pull her into me - let's me touch her in ways that she's never dreamed of letting anyone touch her - is breathless and awed when she first sees me in sexy lingerie - loves the feeling of being inside me - shows me her vulnerable side - has learned how to trust and how to be trustworthy - knows how to just be with me without having to fix it when I am feeling upset - knows I will never intentionally do anything to injure her butch pride - likes to watch me get "femmed-up" for her - makes all my sexual fantasies come true and then some - can see in my eyes how proud I am of her - keeps every card and note I've ever sent her - knows how much I need to be a "bad girl" from time to time - knows that I want her to take the lead - let's me know just how special I am to her - smiles to herself when I take her hand in mine when we drive in the car, sit in the movies, or look up at the stars from the porch swing - supports and encourages me in my dreams, goals, and aspirations - has old-fashioned values - is not threatened by my intelligence - is comfortable with her masculine side but knows I love her because she is a woman - feels no need to be overly jealous or possessive - makes me feel wanted, needed, and desired both inside the bedroom and out - takes special care of me when I am sick - spoils me rotten, on occasion - loves to snuggle in close and find that perfect fit when we sleep together - is proud of me for the things I have worked hard for in life - make me feel safe and secure - wants me to be her wife - takes me out for nights on the town but also enjoys our quiet times at home together - knows how to be my "daddy" when I feel like her "little girl" - is patient with my nervous first attempts to learn what pleases her in bed - is secure enough in our relationship to handle our times apart - savors my body, imperfections and all - knows that she has the power to make me beg and sometimes makes me do just that - is strong, inside and out - is not afraid to come to me when she needs comfort - knows I want to satisfy her in all the ways she wants and needs me to - knows how to use my body for her own sexual pleasure - would never think of raising a hand to me in anger - knows that we can face anything together with honesty and never feels the need to lie to me - remembers the exact date we met - knows when I need to be pulled over her lap for a spanking - makes ordinary things magical - is creatively erotic - is kind to all living creatures - is not afraid to say I love you and would not let a day go by without saying it - knows how much I love to watch her when she does those "butch jobs" around the house - doesn't always have to be right - works hard for a living and knows how much I respect her for that - knows how much she needs me in her life, even if she won't admit it to anyone but me - allows me to massage away her aches and pains at the end of a hard day - loves to let me sit on her lap - carries herself with confidence and pride - wants to spend the rest of her life growing old with me by her side - makes me want to be the best possible femme I can be for her
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That was beautiful.

This is my Sim!

I love this!. If you haven't found her yet, I'm here for you.

That's so beautiful. I love a butch. Inteligent, politician, outgoing funny dominating. I love her so much but she doesn't even notice me. She's older than me, and I'm a little femme and I look younger than I am. Maybe I'm not what she needs. But I always imagine how beautiful would be kissing her every day, making love with her, tell her how much I love her and admire her...


A beautiful sharing...Thanks! I am 55 and have lived life as a straight woman. Last year I found my first love who happens to be butch and has been all of her life. We were best friends, inseparable as teens. Throughout my life, marriages, children and career I have always carried a torch for her...not necessarily understanding why. Now, I do. I loved her....I still love her....and always will. This article was very insightful. We are both in the process of leaving 15 year marriages and are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.


Beautifully expressed...thanks


wow that was really detailed im a butch but im only 13 i hope i can grow up to be that good to a woman

i agree with FemmeSavante - beautifully written account of what's inside. Thank You for sharing.

What a fabulous account and so well written! I found it very moving and feel much the same way. I do hope you find/have found her. (Still looking for mine but there's always hope...)

That was so touching. Great writing..