Butter Mmmmm

I love butter. On everything. Especially meat like steak. Mmmmm so here's a question.
Does anyone have a favorite brand or what's the best butter you've tasted? And where was it bought? THANKS!
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1 Response Oct 27, 2011

Yummmm <br />
Well the best butter I have ever had was in Aruba in November 2011 and I bought a butter that had been imported from Holland I believe...and I remember saying to myself "wow this is really the best butter I have ever eaten."<br />
I actually try not to put butter on many things because my favorite way to eat it is just by itself lol like I'll just take a chunk off and just eat it and chew it and let it melt and just savor it mmmmmmmmm omg soooo good...especially that one from Aruba...I actually smuggled one back to Jersey in my luggage haha <br />
I remember taking the last bite and thinking "oh no I can't have any more of you until June." Which is when I go back with my family. 3 more months!!! <br />
The name of it is right on the tip of my tongue but right now I am not remembering it sorry =( <br />
<br />
-romina<br />
<br />
and what about you hoodstar what is your fav butter?