Just A Little Flutter.

My husband and I were extras in the Soap Box Derby Movie that was filming here in my area recently. During some down time, a small but beautiful butterfly landed on my foot as I was sitting in the sun.
To me it was significant. To others maybe..not so much.
I am a huge butterfly lover. I have them decorating my office area at work, at home, decals on my car. Just something delicate and mystical about them.

Butterflyzz Butterflyzz
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1 Response Aug 3, 2010

At my mothers funeral in 1986 a butterfly landed on me at the cemetery. It gave me a peaceful feeling. Each time I see a butterfly I feel like its just a little reminder to take a deep breath, be still and enjoy the moment. I wish i had more of those moments in my life! But...I will take the few that I get and not forget them.