I Rescued A Butterfly

26 years back, I worked for a delicacies company.
They imported fresh herbs from France and one day I found a chrysalis, which I took home with me.
After a few days, a swallowtail hatched out.
It was rainy for some time and I decided to keep it inside until the sun shone again.
I watered down honey to feed it and it sucked nectar from my African violets.
Two days later the sun came out and when I had to go to work, I sat it on my geranium.
In the evening it still sat there and I took it inside again. This went on for two weeks and then it finally decided to leave me.

RickiChickie RickiChickie
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10 Responses Dec 10, 2011

awww rickie, this is beautiful!

The butterfly was so confiding. It climbed on my hand when I reached out for him/her.

I. Did turn it into a storey in the same group. I smoothed it out a little first.

Swallowtails always take my breath away; they are my favorite. Such a nice story (and a great eye for spotting the chrysalis!)

So, actually, you are a butterfly Mommy. I think that is so cool. Another one of the things I like about you.

It's a bit similar to your bird story! Please share your story with all epeeps! ;-)

How very sweet!!

Awww, another "heart warmer" How many folks can claim to have raised a butterfly? Hugs and hugs for being the ONLY one I know of who could do such a "gentle" job so well. ♥

Thank you Sierra, the lil butterfly made me so happy, because it stayed with me for a while. My hubs, back then boyfriend said that I'm crazy tho. *lol*

If being kind and gentle is "crazy" I wish the whole world would be that way!! I would totally LOVE to have a little butterfly hang out with me!! I think that's pretty exciting!!


That is awesome.

It was a special friend for a short while. :-)

ooh ... how lovely ... an unforgettable experience!!