Zebra Longwing Is A Friendly One!

There are red hibiscus flowers in my backyard, a butterfly known as the Zebra Long wing with yellow and black stripes loves to fly around and between the shrubs. They come in pack and they are really not afraid of me because I get real close to them and they circle my hand like I won't grab them suddenly lol and I don't . I read they are of warm climates and is one of the few butterflies that can eat pollen which allows it to live longer then most butterflies.  At night, large numbers of Zebras will sleep together.  When a male Zebra is ready to mate it will find a female chrysalis and open it just enough to mate.  The average wingspan of a Zebra Longwing is 3¼. That only means they will be around longer for me to delight with their zebraness lol

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May 18, 2012