Habil And Qabil Story


Habil and Qabil

Adam had two sons
called Habil and Qabil.
Adam thought that
Habil, the younger son,
should take over after him.
But Qabil didn't like this
idea and was very

To settle the argument
Adam thought of an idea.
He told his sons to think
of a present to give to
Allah and to leave it
on top of a certain hill.

The one whose
present Allah accepted,
would win the

Allah chose Habil's
present because Habil
had taken a lot
of time and trouble
to choose his present.

Qabil was very upset and
angry. He was so angry
that he killed his
own brother. Afterwards,
when he realised what
he had done, he cried
and cried but it was
too late to be sorry.
faycal faycal
18-21, M
May 29, 2012