Love Butterflies

My mother has always been a fan of butterflies. She even collects them- anything that has butterflies on them, books, jeweleries, fans etc. When i asked her why she loves butterflies she told me that every time she finds herself in the same room as butterflies- she knows that she would always have good luck. Ever since then i noticed that butterflies are always around her and on christmas eve of 2010 she was passed away and the butterflies that were in the room disappeared as she departed. since that day i noticed every time my family get together- butterflies are always around even to the dead of nights and we would just know that we will be alright and that mom will always with us. So to me- love butterflies for they tell me that my mother is always with me and they bring a certain light and cheerfulness and always reminds me of mom. Butterflies are a symbol of luck, love, hope, and a new begininning and it always brightens up my day.
luckyfly luckyfly
31-35, F
Nov 3, 2013