I look forward to Spring when the butterflies begin their swarm of my butterfly bushes.  I am waiting... waiting... waiting... and still waiting through all this cold this year to see them.  I really need to see the butterflies soon.

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Hehe! I love it. Why the avatar change my friend? Oh I just realized you are "ess" lol I am confused.

I want to sit in my yard as they swarm about. They are so gentle.

Cool. Catch me one.

lol Dew.<br />
<br />
Oh Max, say you don't eat butterflies. I love them so and they live such short lives anyway.

I loooove Hummmmers. I like to type I loooove Hummmmers. Lol. Don't dare say more!<br />
<br />
Butterflies are so symbolic of transformation. From a icky worm to an angel/fairy. <br />
Kind of like fungirlmmm from when she first gets up to going out on the town dancing, I suspect. Lol…Dew

me too. I love hummers

I filled my Hummingbird feeders. They should be stopping by on their way north very soon. Butterflies are great but I want to see Hummingbirds.