My name means butterfly. I am considered to be a social butterfly. I love to collect things that have butterflies. One of my favorite online games I got introduced to in my twenties is a match game where you match butterfly cocoons and when you do, butterflies fly free. The game's animation isn't a flat or one-dimensional drawn thing. It's dimensional and the cocoons and butterflies are so pretty and different jewel colors.

I have a silver wind chime that is hanging above me now and it has a huge silver medallion ring with a huge silver butterfly in it. My sister and her ex-husband years ago gave me a long copper wind chime that has sphere-coiled copper shapes and glass pieces in different large geometric shapes and flowers in different transparent jewel colors and there are butterflies too.

One of my bookmarks in my bookmark collection is a trail of butterflies swarming off into the distance into a beautiful gradient color scene.

One of my headbands is a semi-wide silver headband with loose and raised silver butterflies with fragile and thin silver wings.

One of my wrist cuffs from my home state Hawaii is black velvet with four thin straps of black velvet that wrap around the wrist and are connected at one end with silver snaps and at the other end is a swatch of black velvet with a shiny dark gray butterfly with embossed dots throughout the wings and body.

One of my necklaces is a long and fine black threaded chain with a deep red clay butterfly glossy with lines etched into the wings and body.

A fake and long (I normally make with real jewels and gemstones if I make something) necklace I made has beautiful beads in every color of the rainbow, pastel shades, and each piece is a geometric shape or a creation in nature such as a fish, a butterfly, a flower, a ladybug, etc.

Some semi-wide silver rings I have from Hawaii have silver coils standing on them with small iridescent and sparkly flowers or butterflies attached to the tops of the silver springs and they bobble around.
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May 4, 2015