I was always very close to my Nana. She was more than my grandmother. Nana was my friend, confidant, counselor, advisor, cheerleader and number one fan.

Nana loved butterflies. I remember going to her house after school when I was a little girl. She always encouraged me to use my imagination; therefore, instead of giving me a coloring book, she gave me plain white paper and a 48 pack box of crayons. One day at my request, she drew a butterfly for me to color. I was 6 or 7. I loved the creative freedom to use vivid colors and various combinations. I must've drawn and colored hundreds of butterflies for Nana, and she always made each one feel like a masterpiece.

Nana passed away in 1998. After she died and we were sorting out her home, I came across a box. Inside was what must have been every butterfly drawing I ever made for her. I have it now. On rare and very sentimental occasions I bring it out and go through them sometimes remembering the events around it and how happy she was to receive a new picture.

At Nana's funeral there was the MOST BEAUTIFUL butterfly I'd ever seen that landed on her casket. I've always considered that butterfly to be a gift from Nana. To this day when I see a butterfly, I always think to myself Nana is saying hello and reminding me she is with me and loves me.
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May 15, 2015