They Are Like Fairies, Make Me Happy . . .

I love the way they move, I've always felt connected to them. This summer, a little butterfly fell into the pool, and I scooped it out. Everyone thought it was dead, but it stood up, and was standing in the puddle of water, so I held out my finger and it climbed up onto it. It just sat there and sat there and everyone said I should let it just die, but I waited for a long time, and gently blew on its wings, ever so gently, until it reached out its probiscus, and started licking me, or something. It did sit there for along time, and I was a little afraid it would die in my hand, but FINALLY, it just burst into flight and flew away, but before it did, it circled around me a few times. I like to pretend it was a fairy, or a fairy's pet, and although I can tell the difference between make-beleive and reality, it makes me feel good to know I saved its life, whoever it may be.
LonelySoul LonelySoul
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5 Responses Oct 18, 2007

wow! what a beautiful soul you are..that butterfly was able to live it's life fully because<br />
of you :)

How beautiful!! It brought back all my childish dreams and touched my heart.

WOW, I love this story! Arent butterflys the epitamy of Nature? Beautiful............

I too feel my soul is connected to butterflies. They are such beautiful delicate and magical creatures. And your story was inspiring to me! His circling around you was probably his way of thanking you for saving his life.

I bet his wings just had to dry out. Sounds like you saved a life :-)