B/W is the GOD of photography , It is about textures and emotions, light and the absence of light. With unmatched depths, it holds our attention and makes us want to see beyond the surface.

B/W speaks a lot, tells a story, intrigues our minds and feeds us with the finest of emotions and imaginations.

Sadly, EP with all its restrictions and limitations doesn’t give the space or the room to upload the best.
Erevos Erevos
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

I totally agree... I <B>love</B> black and white photography. It takes an image a step away from everyday reality and distills the detail such that the subject of the photo can be appreciated without the distraction of colour. It's the same reason I love acoustic music... you get the essence without all the noise.<br />
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I love colours and can fall in love with an image or artwork for it's colour alone, so black and white photography is very special indeed.<br />
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If you can't upload, you can always link to your heart's content ;)