Don't Tell Mama...i Got The Part!

Now, I have been in "show business" for about...two years, perhaps? I was in Fiddler on the Roof, Grease, Act One, Scene Two (an original little play) and Diary of Anne Frank. In Fiddler and Grease, I was simply ensemble. In Act One, Scene Two, we all had big parts, because we did little snippets of scenes from other plays and songs and a dance number. In Anne Frank (which by the way, is pronounced Au-nna Fronk) I was a student in an added classroom scene and I was a singer in another added scene. While that song was a solo, I have never had any real speaking parts.

But this upcoming play, Cabaret, I am going to have my first speaking part. It is small, yes, but a part nonetheless. It is the customs officer on the train. I get to speak German and while I am in only two scenes (the second and second to last) I have a surprising amount of lines, not quite as few as I expected.

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I crewed a production of Cabaret once, based on the movie version rather thanthe original musical. The high point from the crew's standpoint was that the "Tiller Girls" (including a good friend of mine) had to make complete costume changes in the wings.