Why, Cadbury, Why??

An open letter to the wonderfully evil people at Cadbury.

To Whom it May Concern,

I thank you for creating this deliciously sinful treat.  It makes my mouth happy and my belly satisfied.  However, why in the hell can't you sell these little eggs from heaven the rest of the year?!  WHY??  I have a small window of time (which is actually growing because Easter stuff is out right after Christmas is over) when I can stock up on these chocolate-y goodnesses.  Why no Cadbury Christmas Eggs?  Or Valentine's Eggs?  Of Middle of the Summer, I Can't Wait For Easter Again Eggs?  I'm angry.  And having withdrawal symptoms. 

Also, I'm pissed about the other "eggs".  The world does not need Snickers Eggs or Butterfingers Eggs.  You've got a great thing going with the original Cadbury Eggs.  Just leave the damn things alone. 



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16 Responses Sep 6, 2008

Yeah, Girl Scout cookies are the same damn way. Out in February. Then you have to wait a whole damn year. Stupid Girl Scouts.

There's nothing better than a sugary replication of chicken embryos. De-lish!!

When I freeze them, I take one out to thaw & by evening... that sugary yolk is in mah belly!! LOL!!<br />
<br />
Such PASSION for confectionary replications of chicken embryos. And I thought I was all alone!

The shell always breaks. Causing stickiness.

I have a theory which justme prompted me to come up with: everyone, when faced with a delicious CCE, will tackle it the same way, at least to start with. <br><br />
(I am willing to be proved wrong on this so if anyone knows of a person who doesn't start off the same way it is their duty to inform) <br><br />
Bite of the narrow end, the chocolate is always too thick to do this with ease, so I sort of shave it off with my teeth. I always try to do it lady like to start (can you look like a squirrel and be lady like at the same time?) I always end up ramming my tongue into the egg part to get every last drop of filling (the lady like idea has definitely gone out of the window by this point) but... has anyone ever succeeded this with out the shell breaking or melting yet? I havn't, I end up with it all over my fingers, which you just have to lick off one by one. Best place to eat a CCE is when you are alone or, failing that, only you husband is present. Eating one when in laws are there or you happen to be wandering around at Wimbledon ladies day is a really bad idea. ;)

Thank you. LOL

We are so gonna have a play date!!

It's those damn Cadbury Eggs. They do it every time.

You see! Now I have a chocolate craving! I was fine till I read this story. :(

One must take their time while eating these sinfully delicious little bundles of sugary goodness. So, yes...****-like. Kudos to you, robbo21!!

This is such a cool Group!! Why did I not think of this?? I love CCE. They are just so yummy but what I really want to know is "How do you eat yours????" You just cant do it in a lady like way can you? I look like I'm participating in a **** film Lol, I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

I am not alone!!! These eggs are irresistible to me... I can't have them around or I will eat them all! I can't pass them by in the store without buying one. I am GLAD they are only around 5 months of the year because they are 150 calories a piece, and if I ate an extra 150 (or 300) calories a day for 7 months out of the year I'd weigh a lot more than I do now! LOL

Coffee, huh? Interesting. And what's up with the freezing? I'm gonna have to start doing that.

I made myself want some desperately, too. Stupid Cadbury company.

You freeze them?!! Does that actually work??

God yes!! i freeze some to get me through the other 11 months of the year. :)