The easter eggs are back..............the easter eggs are back....OMG I just love these chocolate eggs, a sweet pleasure that I devour every year.  I stock up on them so I have them to get me through the months when I need something sweet to munch on.  MMMMMMM cadbury creme eggs...I'm in heaven :)

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7 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Hmmmm can always talk him into sharing ;)

OMG I fogot about the delicious carmel ones....TinyTurtle you can send some my way too :)

i love them too! they are one of the sweetest parts of easter! :)

Yes I have to agree the quality has dropped like most things we eat nowdays. But there still a favorite of mine :)

I've noticed the same thing! <br />
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My theory is that some stores hang onto their old last year's stock and reuse it! LOL!

They aren't as good as I seem to remember them from when I was younger. The chocolate seems really low grade now.

Yum! One of the best things about spring!