Hot, Silky, Sensuous...

Oh my, I have a love affair with "Cafe Latte" (make mine Hazelnut; no added sugar and please NO whipped cream, I am a purist!)

I anticipate the sweet rich creamy lusciousness as I hear the milk frothing; sizzling and sputtering in the deep round cup. My senses are heightened. I see the expresso poured into the cup and the frothed milk lovingly poured as if they are meeting with a kiss for the first time. I can almost taste it now. The cup is handed to me, I watch as it is gently set on my tray and I with nurturing admiration carry it to a table. As I "set up" my table, I catch myself glancing, licking my lips and breathing in its delicious fragrance. I reach for the cup; like a lover reaching for another, and I cradle the cup in my trembling hands; OH how i want it NOW...I slow myself to savor each sensation. I allow my nose to nearly touch it and I take a deep, long tantalizing breath. My lips quiver as I bring the cup to my eager mouth. Awww...ambrosia.

Who would EVER think that coffee could be THIS good???

fightn4me fightn4me
46-50, F
May 17, 2012