What Does The Vegetarian Cajun Eat?

So now that I finally told my partner that I'm pregnant, it's time to tell my family. The pregnancy is quite a surprise, so I'm not sure how they're going to react. To soften the blow, I'm cooking up a big, traditional meal for next Saturday. I'm absolutely terrified, but all this cooking should calm me down!

I plan on making:
A salad with cranberries and Stilton
Soybeans and rice. We live on a soybean farm, so it's natural to have soybeans.
Fiddlehead fern gumbo
Pickled okra (home pickled, of course)
Hush puppies
Ginger cake
Raspberry lemonade and Sazeracs for the adults

Lots of spice and lots of home done food. We like to live as sustainably as possible, so we pickle out own veggies, do our own canning, and forage for what we can.
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May 14, 2012