Ain't Nuttin Like It Cher!

 Gumbo with seafood or andouille sausage is favorite of mine. Jambalaya made fifty different ways, but MawMaw's is always the very best. It has to be Hot and spicy enough to break you out in a sweat. Crusty fresh french bread made into dressed poboys, filled with oysters, shrimp or crawfish. Cajun Roastbeef dripping with gravy. Crawfish and meat pies. Crawfish and shrimp etouffee, made with the trinity creamy and sweet. Oyster dressing, bbq brisket, pulled pork sandwich. The very best red beans and rice in all of the world. New Orleans cuisine, ain't nuttin like it cher!

BayouBluePhantom BayouBluePhantom
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4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Dang, makes me want to quit my job, hope on a plane and make dinner reservations some place in the deep south. I like the cobbler idea make it hot with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Hey Ya'll, the great thing about Cajun food is that EVERYTHING goes good with it, even cookies. Hell, I love pecan cookies w/ chocolate chips. Banana pudding is a favorite here as well as sweet pecan pie. We love to celebrate and we always celebrate with food!

This is cajun my dear...You can not eat things like that with cookies......How about a cobbler....Now that would go real lip smacking good with all of the other things.....Oh yea....Got any corn mash also....Or Sweet Tea....Got to have something to wash it all down with

Yummy Want to come over and make lunch? I'll make cookies