The Kids Forced Me To Make My Own Birthday Cake!

My edible minions the result of emotional blackmail!

And this is what happens when you put too many candles on the cake!!!
Bleed Bleed
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15 Responses May 25, 2011

I want to have my own business but I wouldn't want a shop. Too many overheads, it would suck the fun right out of it!

Love that movie. You are very talented. What else can you do with your hands?

I AM NOT IMMATURE!!! *flicks buttercream and pulls on your pigtails*<br />
<br />
That's a secret Charlie............... or it could just be lollipop sticks!

That's brilliant bleed ... really wonderful work!

You furkin rock.... Imean... I can see how much work that took... How dya do the arms? <br />
I had issues with getting them to stay sticking out when I was doing summat....

oh! i thought that represented how u act sometimes.. like still in yer terrible twos?!! rofl!! I'm keeding I'm keeding *runs away*

Just be thankful I only used two instead of one for every year :p

WOW! Those are awesome! Holy smokes you have mad skills! WOW again! <br />
<br />
*note to self have fire extinguisher on hand if bleed brings cake over*

Great cake! Thanks for sharing, Bleed.

I know who I'm ordering cake from...gimme your card cake master..:)

I love all your praise Whisp, gives me a big head though :)<br />
<br />
I will eventually get my own business.......but first I need a house!

oh hellz to the effin yeah!! I loveeeeeey that movie. You got some damn talent hooker! frikkin amazing.. wow.. sowwy I keep goin on and on but i'm totally jealous of yer sheer talent. ok shutting up now.

Aww when if you still lived here you could of had a slice. T'was deliciously chocolatey.

Thanks but it's the fireworks that make it look fantastic!

I wish they did talk. That would be awesome! Bapple?