My First Cake Decorating Experience

Yesterday was my first experience decorating experience, however i have already posted the story at the following location
rglafleur rglafleur
1 Response Nov 16, 2011

I so wish that I could decorate a cake. I am bad and slow at any craft. How bad? Don't ask. How slow? Well I have been sewing yo yos for a comforter since 2002 and now it is 2012 and I am still sewing. It takes 2,700 and it takes me about 12 minutes to do one and I just do them when I am sitting somewhere or traveling in a vehicle on a trip. Cake decorating is wonderful but I need some other people to encourage me who are just starting. I am a good cook so I can get the cake part just fine. I will go to the site that you have your story on to see what happened in your first try.