Learning Cake Decorating Disaster

Hello!!  Jennifer here and I LOVE CAKE DECORATING :)

I originally went to culinary school to learn to cook professional.  Decided to do the whole 9 yards, which included baking.  Now I was horrible at baking and hated it, but I wanted to experience it all.  Well let's just say after my first 6 weeks of beating the chemistry part of baking into my head, it suddenly clicked.  It was as if a whole world of understanding just suddenly became a realization to me.  From there on it was cake walk.  I loved baking.  From there it continued onto decorating.  Well let's just say that in culinary school you don't get to specialize in just one area.  It's basically a broad view of the culinary world and to give you a little taste of everything.  Once I graduated I was exciting.  I wanted to continue on my knowledge.  From their I became a baker and that's where I decided I wanted to cake decorate.  I happen to be lucky because I have a Wilton Cake Decorating School near me.  What I didn't realize is that each class is for an individual area of cake decorating.  You don't get to learn it all at once.  Well let me tell you, after spending hundreds of dollars on classes, one paticular class cost me $1000, I had to look for other options.  I love to decorate cakes, the artistic side of it, the process of your own creation coming together, everything about cake decorating fascinates me....except for the cost of classes.  So I went searching online for other alternatives and I found some great solutions.  Now not everything is for everybody but if you didn't know, there are options for everyone at any stage of cake decorating.  You don't have to learn or become the cake decorator your inspired to be paying $$$$ for individual classes.  You can check out some options as I did @




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Oct 27, 2009