Plotting The Graph Of F(x)=x^3-1

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Haha Grenades? You heard that song by bruno mars called grenade?<br />
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"I'll throw a grenade at ya! <br />
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Well, at least you liked things related to computers.

Well... At least you had got grades... If I'm guessing right, the first one must've covered basics and the second one would have had diff equations and stuff, right?

You had two calculus courses? I had one last semester. It wasn't that tough. I've studied it before so it was easy

Atta girl peanlo! ;)<br />
Asymptotes never touch a curve at any point btw

Ahahahaha we're working on asymptotes and such in school nowadays, I've been drawing stuff in them too xD

or cos.. they're the almost same anyway, yeah :P But this wasn't my drawing, i copy pasted it from fb.<br />
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cool! :P

I copied that pic from facebook btw

Its still studying the curves that matters

Don't worry its a function of an algebraic sentence..