Loving The Night Life In California.

I have been in California (the bay area) for 2 weeks and I love it! It's not my first time here nor will it be my last. A lot of my family members live there, so I like to visit them once in awhile. I have always debated if I should move out and live in California. Even though it's fun, I don't think I can opt to living in the area, let alone afford to do so. I spend a lot of money just eating the good food. Minnesota is more of a place that I can live a healthy lifestyle.

I very much enjoy the night life in California! All the clubbing and drinking.

Maybe if I was rich, I would live in California. Until then...wait for me California.
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Yep, I live and love the Bay but...it's crazy expensive and though salaries are better making $100,000 a year is really the bare minimum you need to live middle class, rent is outrageous and owning a home can be impossible but you and your mate better earn 200,000 together or have a huge down payment