I Have Lived In California All My Life...

I have experienced many earthquakes and a few Tsunami warnings including the one today from the 8.9 Japan earthquake.  For a brief period I would have rather been elsewhere.  But for the most part I find California to be a great place to live.  I have grown up here and did my schooling here as well.  A lot of people that I grew up with end up moving away for a short period or even a long period of time.  I find that most of these people either end up moving back or missing Humboldt County.  It is not hot nor is it ever unbareably cold.  Often times overcast with rain but I would take rain over snow or extreme heat any day of the week.

If someone is reading this and unsure if they would ever want to visit or live in California, I would say to them go for it.  Sure things may tend to be more expensive then someone may be used to but overall it is a good experience.  We have great beaches and lots of things to do.
HumboldtAngel HumboldtAngel
26-30, F
Mar 11, 2011