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For 18 years of my life, I lived in Syracuse, New York. During that last four, I hated it with all my being from cold and snow to the boring life in the suburbs. My family didn't travel much and I never even went on an airplane. But I had a dream. I dreamed I would go to California and finally be in a place I loved. I thought it was unrealistic to go to college there but a year before I graduated, I decided to pursue it. So I did. I researched colleges until I was practically a guru and finally found 6 colleges in California to apply to hoping I'd be able to get the money to afford it. And I did it! I got accepted to all six including my favorite which had a film school because my hobby is video editing and was in a good location close to the ocean. So without ever having visited California, I headed off on my first plane ride to the place of my dreams.

Simply put, I loved it. It was everything I imagined in more. I quickly fell madly in love with all the palm trees, the ocean, the mountains, the beautiful sunshine everyday (EVERY DAY), the warmth, the big cities, the people, the sense of freedom and adventure and creativity, the diversity, the film and television industry, the glamor, the amusement parks, the architecture, the thruways and EVERYTHING else about it. I had finally found my home, somewhere I belonged. In my first year of college I explored all of it, riding my bike around and taking public transportation up to LA and walking around there.  I could never get enough.  Every day I woke up with the happiness that I was in the best place on earth. I went up to San Francisco twice, once with friends riding up the coast seeing San Luis Obispo and Santa Cruz along the way and fell in love with the Bay Area as well. Wherever I went, all I could see was beauty.

Unfortunately things in college didn't go so well. I'm taking a leave of absence because I had problems doing the work since I'm not sure what to do with my life and find it hard to get motivation. So I'm stuck again in NY but I'm saving up money to go back to California in January because I miss it so much and can't stand another winter here. I'm dying here at the moment because I keep getting nostalgic for California and sometimes it makes me so sad that I cry. I could talk about California all day because it truly is my paradise and I love it so much. I am always glad to see others love it like me!
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cool story! it would be nice to go to cali too i've never been but would be interested in southern cali

Thanks! I made it back to California and I am now very happily living in Downtown LA, my favorite place on earth with friends.

what an inspiring story :) i think you described california perfectly! there's such a positive energy about it. good for you for following your dreams!

I love Sanfrancisco much more :D

san francisco is amazing. i used to live really close to it

I'm back in California and here to stay!

Awww so sweet. I hope you will get to go to california soon. Best of luck.<br />
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Take care.