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I Love Intelligent And Playful Humor!

Calvin & Hobbes is one of my favorite comic strips. I actually have 3 of Bill Waterson's books. Calvin with his trusty friend Hobbes would get into so much trouble just having fun.

I was able to find a few of my favorites, Enjoy!!





4vrUnique 4vrUnique 46-50 6 Responses Oct 23, 2009

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Yes, that is a great one Mejoe. I have another which I couldn't find where his mother is looking for him to take a bath & he's actually hiding in the bathtub fully clothed saying "She'll never look here."

I love thes the one where he calls his dad is one of my favorite. I count 7 Calvin books on my shelf as you can see it is my favorite comic.

That's a good idea CarbonHeart, I'd watch it and I bet it would be great.

One of my favorite comic strips. They should make a Calvin & Hobbes animated movie!

Thank you salar1, I agree :~).

A work of genius........