I can't make it to the beach everyday to have a campfire, but I am fortunate to have this amazing firepit in my backyard that faces a wildlife field and I am surrounded by farms.  With the warm glow of the fire against my skin I just like to get lost in my thoughts gazing out at the endless fireflies and the black sky littered with beautiful stars.  I can sometimes see the satalites gllding across the sky and rarely, fireballs.  Shotting starts are endless where I live. 

I used to share this with my husband and now we are going through a divorce. (He left me for my friend.)  I have avoided the firepit but you know... I think I will start to enjoy it and make some new memories there before I sell our house and start my new life.  Life goes on and I feel its going to be a great ride.  I will have another firepit at my new house... I'm looking forward to it.......

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Rescue3.... I agree with you... Sitting there gazing at the fire & listening to the crackle of the fire lost in thought is an amazing feeling..... Especially with a good friend. A great friend, or a lover that you share a bond with, but don't have to say a word & enjoy each others company. To me... Its a slice of heaven. This world is getting too complicated... Let's remember the simple pleasures in life, & tonight, it's a campfire... Enjoy:)

Making me want to share a warm night with a friend be the fire. I love to have camp outs with my daughter and her friends so she can experience nature. I do however miss just being with a good friend one on one just siting there if even saying nothing at all. A feeling so many just don't understand. Yet a feeling I count as priceless. I'm glad to know others feel the same.

Thanks Grown :) I just finished cutting my lawn so now I can enjoy my firepit without the fear of some creepy snake or whatever hiding in the grass. <br />
Its a great night for a fire :) Stars are out and maybe I'll see a shooting star :) Thanks for the positive vibes.

Cabcraft... Thank you for the sweet message. Yes, its been a hard year but some good things are coming out of it. I see it now that my head is more clearer.<br />
I'm a very positive woman and nothing will....or can keep me down :)<br />
Great story about looking at the stars.... Isn't this world beautiful? <br />
Have a great day!! :)

Hi NG sorry to hear about yur troubles, but I love your attitude. It's so hard to pick yourself up and carry on to better and richer, but that's what I wish for you! I'm glad you have a firepit at the new place, and I hope it gives you much pleasure.<br />
We have an incredible night sky here on the farm, and when we get youngsters visiting, which was very often last year! I love to bring out blankets and we lie in a star shape, with ur heads together to chat and point and look. We have many satellite sightings, and "shooting sars" it is fabulous!