Extremely Gratifying

My wife and I love to relax by a fire in our back yard.  Alright, so it's not really a "camp" fire.  But we still enjoy it.  What is even more enjoyable is watching what we are burning go up in flames.  I particularly love watching the small burning embers ride the heat wave up into the air and swirl like fireflys.  And the more crackly the fire, the better.

For a while, our intent has been to erect a swimming pool in our back yard.  We did have one of those blue soft-sided swimming pools a few years back.  But we ran into a border issue that caused us to temporarily convert our pool area to a fire pit.

Our neighbor was "squatting" on 750 sq ft of our property.  He refused to move his fence back to the property line.  It was one of those staggered wooden slat fences.  Over the years, the wood became excessively weathered and brittle.  As some of the fence started to fall down, my wife helped it along by pulling several of the slats on our side of the fence off.  We piled them up and intended to throw them in a dumpster eventually.  Some of the slats that were in better condition, we have crafted into US Flags.  But I found that the others burn very nice in a fire.

We've removed several trees on our lot.  So firewood is plentiful.  But it doesn't burn nearly as nice and efficient as 20-year-old wooden slats.  At times, when we've run low on wood, we've gone over to the fence and ripped off a few more slats and tossed them in the fire.

Eventually, the neighbor took the hint and erected his new fence on the property line.  We have since replaced our fence and all is right in the neighborhood.  However, we still enjoy burning what's left of the fence in the pit.  The pool will have to wait.
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Thank you Blueize. There's plenty of room. Bring some marshmallows and enjoy the glow.

That was great.Enjoyed the read..