The Best Way To Go Camping

My Girlfriend and I had been trying to get away for a couple of months, and we could only go when her ex-husband was able to take her 2 daughters, aged 12 and 10. When he finally said he could take them we immediately decided to take the time off, no matter that we were between paychecks and weren’t able to go to Las Vegas as planned. We wanted to get away, so we looked into just about every alternative we had open to us.

We finally decided to go camping, and as it was already a hot summer we chose to go to a fairly desolate area over by the Arizona/New Mexico border. No way were we going to put up with the crowds in Central Arizona, where almost every campground was filled every weekend, so we thought we’d try the eastern edge of the state.

We both had a lot of camping gear, so we loaded up my SUV and headed out at about 5AM one Tuesday morning. By the time we got to the mountain highway it was already in the upper 90’s. We started the drive up the mountain road, and after a while it got down into the upper 80’s – still warm, but bearable.
We took what looked like a decent road out in the middle of nowhere, but had to go into 4WD after only 5 minutes. We drove for about 45 minutes, stopping every so often to see what the area was like, but not quite satisfied till we found an area that looked like no one had been there in a while – no tire tracks, no shoe tracks, no signs of a recent campfire – it was had a great view of a small valley to the west, and was near a stream. The first thing I did was to get out of the truck and unload the tent and collapsible table & chairs, the cots and air mattresses and sleeping bags. We left the coolers in the truck where they were coolest.

As I started to set up the tent Dolly put up the table and chairs and got us out a couple of bottles of water. It was pretty warm, so I ******** down to my shorts and shoes, and Dolly just got naked and laid out on one of the chaise lounges we had brought. I looked over at her and decided she had the right idea and too off my shorts and all I had on was my sneakers. I continued to finish putting up the tent, looking over at Dolly every couple of minutes or so, getting a nice erection as I did. Naturally she noticed I was getting excited, and I noticed her freshly shaved ***** was glistening in the sunlight, letting me know she was also getting hot, too.

I got the tent up and moved the cots in and plugged the air pump into the lighter attachment to blow up the mattresses when Dolly just came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me from the back. I felt her **** on my back, and as my **** was getting harder she reached down and wrapped her small hand around it and started kissing my neck. I turned to kiss her back and she let go of me and walked back over to the lounge and laid back down with her legs spread and an impish grin on her face. I smiled back and kept up with the unloading, my **** swinging as I moved around, hard as a rock.

After I got everything done I sat down in a chair, putting down a towel so the webbing wouldn’t cut into my skin. I leaned back, and told Dolly she had to make me some lunch now that I had everything set up. She said something about me feeding her first, and then came over and took my **** and put it in her mouth and proceeded to give me a nice, slow, comfortable *******. I decided to take advantage of this and relaxed and just watched as my **** disappeared and reappeared while she sucked and licked me. After only a few minutes I was ready to ***, and she sensed this and took me out of her mouth and started ******* me off. She pointed my **** at her chest and then really started jerkinging me till I came all over her ****. Then she got up and took her hand and massaged my ***** into her **** with one hand while she finger ****** her ***** with the other. When she was done she acted as if nothing had happened and asked me what kind of sandwich I wanted.

After lunch we walked over to the stream and found it to be cool, but not cold, and running strong enough to rinse us off, so I went back to the truck and got some soap so we could clean up. After we had soaped each other and rinsed off we went back to camp and laid out in the sun for a couple of hours and let the sun dry us. I got hotter, but as we both had an allover tan due to laying out at my apartment we didn’t get burnt. When the sun went down we noticed it was still warm, so we didn’t bother to get dressed. We made dinner on the camp stove and I built a small fire pit for light after the sun went down. There was a full moon that night, so we didn’t even build a fire that first night, it was so bright. No clouds in the sky and the stars were unbelievably beautiful. We relaxed and called it an early night, actually too tired to ****.

The next morning we woke to a beautiful day, and it was still warm, so we just decided we weren’t going to deal with clothes for the rest of the week we would be there. We went down to the stream and got cleaned up for the day, and went back to camp dripping wet, deciding to just air dry while we made coffee and breakfast.
Dolly brought out her little TV to see if it would work, and surprise, surprise, we got a couple of stations, one from a town in New Mexico, and one in Sierra Vista, AZ. I had also brought a DVD player so we wouldn’t be too bored.

We walked around the area, and saw no signs of anyone being out there. No tire tracks, horse tracks, no trash, it looked so pristine. Soon we were playing grabass with each other, and we must have had sex at least twice that first morning and when we decided to lay down that afternoon I just spread out on the queen size air mattress in the tent. I fell asleep almost immediately, and woke up to Dolly giving me a *******. We decided to play around, and were playing with each other out in the campsite and in the stream, her leading me around by the **** (which was in a semi-permanent state of hardness), or me coming up behind her and wrapping my arms around her **** or playing with her crotch. We were having the time of our lives with each other, literally ******* around all day long.

We stayed naked and ****** and sucked all week long, and when it came time to go both of us were almost in tears. It had been the most relaxing week either of us had ever spent.

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Great story. Sounds like a great time, too.

My kind of camping trip/made me get hard just reading your story. Thnkz for sharing.