There's Always A First

I always was mom's "little nudist", until a certain point, of course. I never was able to keep my clothes on, until I started "to develop" and my brother was making googoo eyes. That's when she somewhat discouraged my from running around the apartment in the nude.
We were stationed in England and I had befriended a family there. The major was quite strict with his daughters and his wife, as I had written in other posts. He did check with my parents if I could go with them for a weekend to a "Naturist resort". I was 12 years old and not quite sure what that was, but I liked the idea of just getting away with my friend Liz. I don't remember what sort of a holiday it was. School let out at noon on Friday and there were no classes Monday and Tuesday and everybody was off. My parents went sightseeing in London with my brother Kevin and I went camping with my friend Liz and her family.
We arrived at the place and parked the car. Then we took off our clothes and placed them in the trunk. The major and his wife carried most of the heavy stuff and we carried a few of the lighter things. Then we set up a tent. I felt quite positively in my element even back then.
I loved running around in the nude and playing ball, going swimming or just going into the woods with my friend Liz and her sister Abby. Spending the entire weekend without any clothes just felt so natural to me and it really felt strange, when at the end, I had to get dressed again when we went back to the base.
Of course, my brother had to be the usual nerd, acting like he was flashing me and saying "flashy, flashy".
I went several more times and enjoyed it more each time I went.
In the past years I have gone camping with my Master, not to nudist facilities, but out in the wild. It is just such an enjoyable experience.
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May 9, 2012