I Was Naked Camping Once ...

I went to a remote campground that is frequented by nudist , mostly because it is so remote and hard to get to that you never see law enforcement. Also textiles are few and expect nudes to be there. I was enjoying my nude day and after I settle in for the night at my camp some other campers came driving up and parked near my vehicle. Now it was a very dark night with almost no moon. I had not made a fire so I could see more stars. The couple next to me spread out sleeping bags and started fooling around . It was so dark that I can't see much and I was sitting on my tailgate about ten feet away! They started really going at it very loudly, not even worried about me hearing them. It was hot just hearing them but , man I wished I could see better .
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

When I was much younger I had a girlfriend that loved to hike and camp naked. We never went to campgrounds, but off in the mountains to some remote spot.

We went almost every weekend during the summer.