Naked In Nature

When I was little my parents and me use to go camping all the time. I remember one camp trip we had that was really fun. We had set up camp isolated from others so we could go nude. After we had set up another family came and set up by us. They had two kids and a dog. There son looked to be about my age and there daughter looked in her teens. I was shy to meet them at first so I just went swimming. While swimming the other boy came to swim with me. While swimming the other boy asked me how come I was swimming butt naked. I said simply because its amazing. I got out to tan and the boy joined me. My mom told me to put sunscreen on me and my friend. I put some on his back and my front. Then he said missed your butt and putt some on my bottom. When it was time to eat I put clothes back on and ate then made a fire. The boy came over and we sat next to the fire. The boys parents told him he had to come back to go to sleep but my parents said he could stay with us for the night. As the fire got hotter I ******** down to nothing then the boy did the same. We both went to my tint to read books we did that till we got tired. We both shared my sleeping bag butt naked but we couldn't go to sleep for the feel of our naked bodies touching. I turned so we were looking face to face then he looked in the sleeping bag and smiled. He took my hand and put it on his erection. Then little did I know my was fully erect to and he grabbed mine. After that we stayed up playing with each other, and it was fun.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Naked is good. Gay is not. Gay children is really bad.