Backpacking Trip

i just got back from a 11 day backpacking trip. Do you any tips for decreasing a backpacks base weight.
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1 Response Jul 31, 2010

Hi there, I backpacked around Australia for a while so I hope this might help you..<br />
* Get a towel from a camping shop, they are light weight and dry really fast, there's nothing worst than a wet soggy towel in your rucksack!<br />
* Toiletries are the heaviest things so buy travel size products in future, buy shampoo and shower gel all in one products. <br />
* Shoes... depends on where you are going next but I only ever had 2 pairs, good trainers and hiking boots.<br />
*You really need to pick a couple of pair of jeans and t-shirts that will go from day time wear to night time...You have to cut down on clothes, you just can't bring your favourite's not that type of holiday and anyway, t-shirts are easier to wash and you don't have to worry about ironing!<br />
* I also bought this ruck sack that zipped all the way round so it was really like a suit case it was great! I didn't have to keep taking everything out to find what I was looking for. My nephew is in New Zealand with said bag at the moment having done OZ too he tells me it's great as it has a small ruck sack that zipps off it and you can put it on your back if you are going on's something like these ones: <br />
<br />
Good luck!