It's Pass Time

The past 47 days... not that i'm counting or anything.... sigh .... Has been! I have maintained focus and worked very hard to... stay true to myself...if you know what i mean?! My life changes have been life changing!

Any ol' way... it's pass time for me to go camping to renew my spirit, to be still, alone, listening only to...Mother Nature.

There is a peace i feel, setting up camp and waiting for the night sky, to gaze at the stars and feel quite at peace. Making a small campfire and just.... being.

So this weekend i'm going camping at one of the best spots to hike, fish and camp... sounds great don't it. Well, i Need this, i am going alone.

My friends think that i'm crazy, being a woman of my age and camping alone "in a public" place. ...Silly folks!
I can't wait, got my tent out last night and made a list to fill for my great weekend escape! *smile*

I'm a happy camper!

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3 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I normally take a friend just to give them a chance to experience the joys of being out there and feeling the freedom of being away from it all. I also go by myself several times a year for some real contemplation time. We are fortunate/blessed to live in a country where we can do this with some feeling of safety.

Good morning to you Climber. Yes, I have had friends go with me camping... but just sitting there in silence is a pure gift to me. For feeling safe... I feel safer in the midst of trees, critters and then walking down a city street. Have yourself a fine day.

Nice to have your presence felt; very refreshing.
I also feel very safe by myself amongst all of nature. Will be a very sad day if that is ever taken away, but fortunately I have had the opportunity to enjoy it for many years and I have taken advantage of it.
Thank you for your many stories I am just getting started, but I see there is a lot of good material.

Thanks. it was a good weekend. but it threw me into some deep thoughts about.... everything. wish i was still sitting by the lake in the woods!!!!

I wish I was camping this very minute. The last two camping trips I have been on have been as good as it gets.

Sounds wonderful.<br />
<br />
Iwish you well