Rain Or Shine

I went camping last week, it was a blast. It poured a great deal of the time but I can’t help my love affair with nature and all of her tantrums. It feels absolutely natural, innate, satisfying. I enjoy facing what we regularly filter beyond recognition. Camping is the opportunity to look nature straight in the eye and acknowledge the impossibility of rejecting such an immersive experience.
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5 Responses May 19, 2011

I love camping and hiking. When in some remote area, and with a fire and rain, I love to be nude. It is such a wonderful feeling to have the rain drops falling on me, while soaking up the warmth of the fire. Such a beautiful.sensation.

Beautiful! As I speak, I'm getting our trailer ready to head out tomorrow on our first camping trip of the season! Absolutely can't wait :D

Beautifully written, enigmatic story. You have my deepest envy, being able to enjoy camping!


Rain itself can be such a relaxing part of nature despite the fact that it inhibits our ability to participate in some of those "planned" camping activities that we look forward to, such as an evening campfire. It certainly is enjoying to face what we regularly filter beyond recognition. That's a good point, why do we do that??? I'm happy that you had a blast Crafted! :-)