I Want To Be...

...engulfed by wilderness. I'm tired of this every day bullshit routine I've been trapped in for awhile now. I miss the trees and the air and the sky and the stars and the fires and the sound of wind carrying the sounds of animal utterances over the river rushing towards an endless cycle that never changes but at the same time is always different. I miss the desert, I miss the mountains, I miss the woods. When I am here, in the city and the suburbs for too long, a program seems to take over my mind and make all my decisions for me. Out there in the wilderness, its different. I feel like I'm in control because I have nothing to associate my daily routine with over there. Everything is always new and chaotic and interesting and beautiful. I want to think about the billions of processes that nature had to go through in order to make the vines twist like they do, or the birds whistle like they do. I want to see, spread out before me, the timeline starting billions of years ago that led to this! This... different but same thing. This universe full of changes but never changes that. God I miss camping.
javierjay javierjay
18-21, M
Feb 11, 2012