Going Again In Less Than Two Weeks

I'm going camping again in.. about ten days or something. Just for a weekend I think, and I dunno if it's a long (bank holiday) weekend but anyway I guess it will only be for one or two nights.. I don't know why we're going then, but it will still be fun.
I'm getting a lift (ride) down there because I'm going with my big bro and my niece. My favourite camping companions. We'll probably go surfing and fishing and not much else ... oh except eating lotsss of frankfurters cuz they're a great snack to warm us up after being in the cold Irish sea.
I'm going to have to start packing right away as I only have ten days or so to get ready and I am terribly slow because of depression. It takes a ridiculous amount of effort for me to do anything and I really need to get my flat (apartment) clean and tidy too because when my bro and niece come to pick me up they might need to come inside and I will be terriblyyy embarrassed if it's even dirtier and messier than it was last time they came 'round. I'm really worried about that because I will start a job like that after a couple of days of working up the determination to do it, and then I'll stop after a few minutes. That's just how my depression affects me unfortunately, and I ran out of meds and wasn't able to get more for a week so I think I'm worse now than I usually am. =/
Still, knowing I am going camping and will be seeing my niece and my big bro gives me something to look forward to and something to concentrate on so that I don't have bad thoughts, so actually it might not be too bad... just wish me luck finding the determination to clean and tidy my flat! :p

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Enjoy your camping trip !

Thanks I did story coming soon. :)

Good luck Hobo! I know yu can do it :)<br />
listening to music makes me clean better and quicker (generally dance my way around the place), takes your mind of the other things and it's done before you know it

Thanks hun. :)