My Fave Trip Yet....

My husband plays paintball at a feild that has weekend long games, so camping there is encouraged. That year we camped at a nearby national park called Sam A. Baker. We got there late and set up in the dark. We had a REALLY old non-water proof tent and it was going to storm that night. I hate storms. But we hoped it pass quickly. We tied a tarp over the tent to help keep it dry. Camping with us were a few of my friends, to keep me company and help with the kids while hubby was out playing. They had their own tent on the other side of the site. My other friend stayed in the tent with us.

Of course it rained all night. All that night I would get up and shove the water off the tent from where it had collected on the tarp, making low humps in the cieling. All night I did this. The walls were getting wet and the floor started getting puddles and our blankets were becoming soaked. But my kids and hubby slept soundly. Finally I happened to step on my friends blanket and it was wetter than ours! She was of course awake. Unable to sleep in those conditions. "You're really wet..." I said, "why don't you move closer to our side of the tent? It's slightly drier." She said she's fine, it's not that bad. But I know her, she's not one to complain, EVER. So I stay up to keep her company and we talk quietly. Suddenly as I get up to shove off yet more water from the tent I notice that the floor of the tent rebounds alittle when I walk on it. Kind of like a trampoline, or waterbed. I commented on it to my friend and she said she'd noticed it earlier. I unzipped the tent door and looked outside. It was pitch black of course. I grabbed a flashlight and shined it at the ground. There was easily 2-3in of water there! I ran the light further away and it lighted on 2 HUGE storm drain pipes that were pointed straight at us! All the water from other parts of the camp ground was being drained right into our site!!! The tent was almost floating! By setting up camp in the dark, we had set our selves up in a drainage ditch! Bad planning on our part, but also bad for the park, setting up a site  in a draining ditch. So we packed the kids into the car and our gear that would get ruined if it got wet and went home to finish out the night. Our other friends who had camped at the other end of the site had camped on the high ground and had no problem. We went back the next day with lots of towels and cleaned off the tent and moved our site else where in the camp ground. We finished out the weekend.

It was the best adventure we've had yet. I really enjoyed it, and I enjoy telling it!
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Great story! We had a deluge once with the wife & kids and she swore she'd never campout again! And she kept her word too! Not much on the outdoors =[

Great story! We had a deluge once with the wife & kids and she swore she'd never campout again! And she kept her word too! Not much on the outdoors =[

Lol. Great Story!