Disaster But Loved It!

I went to Cornwall with 8 of my family!
There was me n my lil sister! My dad n stepmum! My 4 nieces n my nephew all younger than me!!!

It was such a fun holiday n it started out being such a disaster as our new 7 seater car decided its gear box should break n coz it was an automatic it would cost hundreds!!! We set off at 3:45am n arrived in Cornwall at 9:00pm as our brand new second hand car wouldnt go over 50mph!!! oh the joys! everyone stressed out n i think everyone cried that day!

Well if any one in England remembers the floodings in Boscastle! Well we were camping just around the cornerish from there so we got hit with the storms as well!!!

It was so much fun tho trying to work throug mud in flip flops then at night times in heels!!!

We all bonded a bit more as a family that week as we were having to look out for each other all the time!!
We became great friends with the families in the tents around us n it was just so nice to know that everyone is helping each other out! Even tho we never met them before n never met them since!!!

But we were very lucky as we were in a huge tent so there was more than enough room for all of us to sleep n then mess about in the tent!!! i could swing my lil nephew round by his arms in the living section of the tent without actually hitting anything!!! it was amazing!

Im going to camp out at download as well just me n my best mate so that is gonna be such a laugh esp trying to put up a tent without help!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 19, 2007