Camping Times

Hi fellow campers.

I just wanted to introduce myself.
My wife 2 boys and myself have enjoyed many camping trips over the years. Although not as often these days as the oldest boy has left home and does his own thing. And the youngest 16 year old ... well 16 year old boy..cant budge him off computer games. The great indoors for him.
Anyway..he still occcasionionally comes with us.
I am always on the look out for good camping websites like this one i have found.

If anyone has other suggestions please let me know.

anyway for now hoo-roo and chat later
russco59 russco59
1 Response Jul 5, 2012

Hi-good to hear that you have a good time camping out. I love to camp, in fact I'll be out camping this weekend. What I really like is going to new places and seeing them and camping out too. So I get a two for 1 deal. Do you camp out at some of the same places you've been to before or new places?