Funny Story!!!

Man, this was years ago, but my family lived in Colorado for a few years and one weekend my dad wanted to go camping. Im guessing it was mid march-april, so the weather wasnt hot, but still kinda cool. We had been fishing all day, i caught a brown trout that we put on the grill, wrapped with lemons and onions *wow that was great!!!* and we ate it, some of the best trout i had ever had! Okay anyways on the funny part i my dad had my brother and i go wash the dishes in the river about 200 yards away from camp. Well, we were washing them and all of a sudden my brother let the pan go...and it went down stream. We both looked at each other knowing that if one of us didnt get it my dad would be pissed. So I told my younger brother to do it....and of course he did! The water was very cold...but he got the pot...what really sucked is that there was a large log in the middle that stopped it..but we didnt see that...luckily dad wasnt TOO upset about making my brother jump in the river...he had to sit by a hot fire for a few hours though!

bOObsMaGee bOObsMaGee
22-25, F
Jun 19, 2008