Casa De Erica

I had a crazy night last night so I thought maybe it would make an entertaining story and my friends would like to read about it.
My younger sister Erica got a play house for her birthday it actually is more like a play mansion, my parents had it custom built it has working lights a real door bell, wood floors and lace curtains, Erica loves it she spends most of her afternoons in there having tea parties and playing with her dolls, and yesterday she announced she wanted to have a camp out in there before winter sets in and its too cold.

I enjoy camping out a lot, my dad used to take me and my brother camping and hunting a lot when I was younger and I have even went camping alone before well I guess that was kinda considered running away, but anyway I dont even need a tent I sleep outside under the stars, just like the real cowboys used too.

Erica on the other hand is more of an indoor girl, just like my mom, my mom hates camping "roughing it"  to her is a 3 star hotel lol. So yesterday afternoon when Erica was bugging us to camp out with her (she is scared of the dark and monsters so she can't do it alone, even though her place house is a stones throw away from the real house.....literally) my mom said she cant because she is having a baby and cant sleep on the hard ground, and my dad told Erica momma might lonely so he was out too.
Erica is as some people would call it a spoiled brat she is used to getting what she wants when she wants it and will do anything to get her way, and yesterday when everyone turned down her offer she had a MAJOR tantrum, and I mean up to a level 5 screaming and kicking and crying.
My mom doesnt like to see her  little angel upset so she told her..........."Guess what sweetie, daddy says he'll camp out with you and Lexi can too, it will be fun you guys can have daddy daughter bonding time yay."
Me and my dad were both in shock, as much as i enjoy camping I didnt want to spend the night with that brat, and my dad well he is a former marine so he was used to roughing it but after 10 years of being retired he has gotten used to his sleep number bed.

We did bother arguing with her, once mom has gave an order thats the end of it, so after dinner we went in the garadge and gathered up our various outdoor sleeping supply.

Ericas house is 10ft X 18ft, and the inside height is 8 feet so an adult can stand up in there easily but when you put a queen and two twin matresses in there it takes up a lot of space, I dont usually need a air matress for camping but grass is a lot softer than hard wood.
The sun went down and we got settled in for the evening, and all of Erica's various sleepy time stuffed animals took up more space.
I was trying to behave and not pull any pranks but my blood is troublemaking positive
Here in Texas we only have on predator that is a danger to humans and that is mountain lions, they dont usually come near people but whenever they do come into human habitats its usually to because their hungry, DUH DUH DUUUUHHHHHH.
I have scared Erica many times before for example the bear skin rug and werewolf epidode, so I thought why not give mountain lions a try.
I downloaded the sound of a mountain snarl onto my phone and when Erica was coming out of the house with an armload of pillows I hid in the bushes, turned up the volume on my phone and blasted the snarl........Erica stopped dead in her tracks, then kept walking but faster this time, I played it again and this time she was really freaked , she let out a blood curdling scream, dropped the pillows ran in the playhouse and slammed the door shut behind her.
I was rolling around on the ground laughing, my dad was not happy that I had scared her but oh well Erica will survive and I tried to behaved the rest of the night.

We actually did have a fun time, I love my dad and I like hanging out with him but he works a lot so it doesnt happen often, we watched Erica's favorite movie "Jock the Hero Dog" on her dvd player, my dad showed us all the constellations in the stars that he knows, and tried to teach us these really interesting hand shadow puppets its amazing a guy with such big hands can do that ha ha.
My mom made us some smores and my dad read some of my favorite books, he read "Hank the Cowdog, The Case of the Fiddle Playing Fox," that series was my favorite when I was younger and still is those books are halarious and I love how my dad changes his voice with the different characters. Then he read one of my favorite story books "The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses" its about an indian girl who lives with horses, a rough estimate of how many times I have read that book would be in the thousands range, I know it by heart=)
I know it might seem strange a 17 year old so happy to have her daddy read to her but thats what I enjoy most about my childhood, having the people I love snuggled close.
As much as i thought I didnt want to do this it actually a lot of fun, but eventually my dad announced that we had school in the morning so it was bedtime, we had one last tickle fight, hugs and kisses were exchanged we got in our sleeping bags.............and the fun was just beginning.

As I said earlier Erica is terrified of the dark, and so she turned on this glowing "sleep turtle" that makes soothing ocean sounds, I personally am used to  sleeping a dark quiet room so that is really annoying but thankfully the timer turned it off after 30 minutes.
The next incident involved Erica again, she woke me up (by beating me with a pillow) and said she was out of water in her water bottle and needed to go to the house and get more, I tossed a flashlight at her and said "Go get it yourself." I was not happy about being woke up but after her whining and giving me the sad "Lexi please=(" face I went with her.
I dont get what is so scary about walking 30 feet in the dark I meann seriously the moon was out I could see without light, but oh well I guess she is my sister I should be patient with her. We got the water and went back to bed.
45 minutes later...................."Pssst, Lexi Lexxxxxxxiiii, are you awake?" "I was half asleep so I mumbled, "What now" "Well you know all that water I have to you know.....Go."
Ugh I asked her why not get dad to take her but she said she tried he didnt wake up, she said he need to go bad, not wanting to keep her waiting I got up and escorted her to the bathroom, but while I was walking out I loosened the vaulve on my dad mattress, a slow leak but it would be flat by morning
We went back to bed and an hour later, and it sounded as if we had a bear sleeping in there with us.......... my dad was snoring.
It was actually extremely annoying and I didnt feel bad for letting the air out of his mattress, it lasted maybe half an hour then he went  back to breathing normal again, I dont see how my mom puts up with that she says she doesnt mind it makes her feel safe reminding her that there is a man in the house, 8-I oh brother.
An hour later.............."Lexi sorry to bug you again but I gotta go pee" this time I didnt even talk, I just grabbed that stupid sleep turtle and threw it at my dad as hard as I could, he instantly woke up and took Erica inside.

We got maybe and hour or two of solid sleep when i woke up to the all to familiar *chirp,chirp,chirp* of one lonely cricket, on a country evening a chorus of crickets can sound very beautiful and quite peaceful, but once single one in a quiet room can drive you FREAKING BANANNAS!!!!!!!! we all got up and tore appart the place trying to find it and return it to its natural habitat...........we never did but after a while just got used to the noise.
We were all exhausted and just reading to get some sleep, and we did for a few more hours when me and my dad awoke to the sound of Erica screaming like she was being murdered. We got up to try to comfort her and asked what was wrong she said she heard ghost laughing.
We listened and heard a band of coyotes howling in the distance, they are for the most part harmless but they can sound really creepy sometimes.
My dog Sandy sounded some warning barks to scare them off, she is such a good dog she slept by the door the whole night.

We managed to get a few more hours of rest but then the early morning came around 3-4 am and it got really cold in there, I zipped myself into my sleeping bag, and Erica snuggled up with my dad on his now very flat bed.
Around 5:30 the morning sun started coming in through the windows, well that was an interesting night, one I highly doubt any of us will forget for a LOOOONG time.
At 6 my mom came out and brought my dad coffee and hot coco for us, ha ha when my dad got up his bones creaked and he groaned and cracked his back and popped his neck, he was thankful for the Advil pills my mom had brought out.
We went in the house and my mom had made us a big breakfast, bacon eggs, and blueberry pancake =D yum. It was a fun experience but we were all really tired and I was falling asleep during school, I like spending time with my family but I think next time we will just sleep in the house.

So there is the story about our crazy night in Casa de Erica.

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This story is absolutely delightful, Erica!
Thanks for sharing the joy of love and family.

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I would choose to camp out, over sleeping in the house, every time!

Haha yeah I sleep outside a lot during the summer