Summer Wouldn't Be the Same W/o Going Camping

camping is among the rare things that I've done my entire life. the first time i went camping i wasn't even a month old.. anyways camp is the best, you get to sleep in late, go swimming, have campfires. i love campfires, love hearing campfire stories, making s'mores uhh love it. I love almost every aspect of camping, except all the packing and unpacking....although its worth it. I usaully camp at the same place every summer. The longest I was at camp was for 3 weeks straight. no phones, no e-mail, no clocks, no work, no electricity (except the bathroom)it was seriously amazing. I know this sounds lame, but i wish i could not use any electricty some nites instead play some card games, nad unwind w/o the TV blaring comercials...

vitoanol vitoanol
18-21, F
May 15, 2007