Throwing In The Towel.

I remember going on lots of campouts as a kid, as a girl scout. My mom was the leader and was very orderly and systematic. She knew all about first aid and was prepared for just about anything.

There was this time when we were sitting around the campfire and she smelled gas. In the parking lot not far from us, there was a "camper" trailer. It seems kind of silly to call it that...why not just pitch a tent?! Anyway, my mom thought something was amiss and went "on a hike" to see if there was anything wrong. She knocked on the door of the camper, but got no reply. She opened the door, and found a man knocked out from the gas fumes. She got some help and dragged him out and far from the truck. We were shocked! Mainly it was cuz the guy was completely naked. She grabbed a towel and covered him up. The authorities arrived and said "good thinking of the towel, and for preventing hypothermia" which she replied "I just didn't want the girls to see him naked" lol...funny that i still remember that story as if it were yesterday. It turns out that the guy was trying to commit suicide. He didn't consider that a girl scout is always prepared for an emergency!
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Cool story!
I hope your troop got a special badge for that!!!!!

We all like to picture ourselves as a hero. Your Mom actually was one. Great example of real life saving skills put into action for the troop. I'll bet they all remember that day.